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Southland & HONK Partnership

Southland Printing is proud to welcome
HONK as its new Strategic Partner providing our customers with more solutions to your
Parking & Transportation needs.

Turn your lot into lots more.

HONK is trusted by millions of drivers and accepted at thousands of locations across North America. If you’re not with HONK, here’s what you’re missing.

Lots more customers

Tens of thousands of drivers head to HONK before they leave the front door because HONK makes it faster and simpler to find and pay for parking. If you’re not on HONK’s network, you’re missing out on significant revenue. If your lots aren’t on HONK, drivers aren’t parking there.

Lots more revenue

Lower overhead + More customers. It’s a simple formula. Take advantage of our built-in loyalty program and a robust promo code system that can be sliced and diced (in real-time) to attract and retain loyal customers. Watch drivers roll in.

Lots less overhead

Payment processing hardware costs money. Parking terminals cost money. Upfront and monthly recurring costs add up (e.g. communication fees, maintenance, paper, and insurance). Minimize costs by streamlining and digitizing your parking payment processing.

Lots safer

HONK is a software-based payment solution. Drivers scan the QR. Tap to pay with a card already pre-loaded in a digital wallet or use any other electronic payment method (HONK accepts them all). And go. No attendants touching a credit card. Nothing to sign. Consumers want less interaction. Not more. (Sorry)

The world demands faster, safer, simpler ways to get where they’re going. That’s why we HONK.


Express checkout at its finest. First to market. Best in class.

A revolutionary contactless payment solution for drivers to pay for parking without downloading an app or registering personal information. All the functionality of a parking meter without the expense!

  • Higher compliance rates boost your bottom line.
  • Adapt to a constantly evolving business model.
  • Reduce your operating costs by up to 90% – No hardware, no power, no communication, no maintenance.


Digital convenience. Give scratch cards a pass.

Gone are the days of crumpled & lost scratch or punch cards. This prepaid pack of parking credits can be redeemed for parking at the driver’s convenience during a specified period of time. You set the price, expiry & redemption rules.

  • Up-front funds for you, and big value for your customers.
  • Flexibility & full control over rates put you back in the driver’s seat.
  • Real-time data on redemption and usage gives you insight into parking behaviors.


Kick hang tags to the curb. The permit goes digital.

Monthly, semester, or resident parking. One-time or recurring. Whatever a driver’s parking need, digital parking permits can deliver. This touch-free technology is also the safest, cleanest, easiest way to pay for parking. Touch-free? Touchdown!

  • Save big on materials & labor costs. Kiss those hang tags goodbye!
  • Contactless + convenience drives user uptake & compliance.
  • A seamless process that creates a more enjoyable experience for your customers.


Robust, reliable, & ready to rock. Em(power) parkers.

Drivers can store unlimited vehicles & payment methods, manage receipts, access parking history & get help all within the palm of their hands. Customers get a new best friend, and you get paid. We call that a win.

  • Entice drivers with custom promotions and discounts.
  • Drive uptake with the most payment options out there.
  • Use an app that’s loved by millions of drivers across North America.

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