At Southland Printing, our team is comprised of individuals who contribute their unique skills and perspectives to help our company thrive. Today, we’d like to introduce you to one such team member, Esmeralda “Izzy” Perez, who has been a part of our family since August 2021.

Izzy serves as our Administrative Assistant, though her role extends far beyond the title. She is responsible for managing incoming calls, efficiently routing them to the appropriate Customer Service Representatives or departments, and assisting with billing and collections. Her multifaceted responsibilities are an essential part of keeping our front office operations running smoothly.

When asked what she enjoys most about her job, Izzy replied, “Everything, and the ability to learn about all front office duties.” This enthusiasm for learning and adaptability is a true asset to our team and aligns with our commitment to continuous improvement.

Izzy also recognizes the significant impact she has made through her background in collections. Her dedication to this aspect of her work has been instrumental in furthering the company’s goals and ensuring a sound financial foundation.

One of the key strengths of our company is our collaborative environment, and Izzy emphasized the strength of her team in the front office. “Each individual knows their role and helps each other as needed,” she shared, highlighting the supportive and cooperative culture that Southland Printing cultivates.

What truly sets Southland Printing apart, according to Izzy, is the commitment to equality. She expressed how unique it is to work in an environment where the President makes every employee feel like a valued individual rather than just a part of the workforce.

Beyond her role at the company, Izzy has diverse interests. She’s an avid football fan, particularly passionate about the Dallas Cowboys. During the offseason, she enjoys reading and crafting, showing her creative and leisurely side.

And here’s an interesting fact about Izzy that her colleagues might not know – she may not have children of her own, but she’s a proud and fun aunt to more than 21 nieces and nephews. Family is at the core of her values, and it’s no surprise considering she hails from Tyler, Texas, a place renowned for its strong sense of community and family values.

Izzy is a remarkable example of the talented and diverse individuals that make Southland Printing a great place to work. Her dedication, collaborative spirit, and love for learning contribute to our success, and we’re proud to have her on our team.

Thank you Izzy for your outstanding work and commitment to our company’s mission.