Meet Jaime Grisham, a remarkable member of our Southland family who has been making a significant impact on our company and embodying the values we hold dear. Originally from Oklahoma, Jaime now lives in Oil City, Louisiana, and she has four siblings and two lovely daughters.

Jaime’s journey with Southland began during the challenging times of the pandemic in September 2020. In just three years, she has contributed her talents and dedication to various roles within the company, proving herself to be an invaluable asset where she brings her warmth and enthusiasm to the Southland team. Showcasing her versatility and commitment, Jaime wears multiple hats at Southland. She has served as a Customer Service Representative (CSR), Sales Analyst, and she manages some of our large accounts. Her willingness to take on diverse roles demonstrates her passion for growth and her belief in the company’s mission.

When Jaime interviewed, she immediately recognized Southland as her calling. She sought a challenge and knew this was the place to find it. Her determination and enthusiasm for our mission are palpable, and she has consistently demonstrated her commitment to making Southland better every day. Jaime’s experience at Southland is defined by the collaborative and supportive team environment. She describes her colleagues as welcoming and encouraging, emphasizing that everyone is a true team player. And everyone who works along side her knows that Jaime’s positive attitude and willingness to collaborate have undoubtedly enriched our work culture.

Jaime believes that what sets Southland apart from other companies is our family-like atmosphere. “Here, everyone is not just a colleague but also a friend”. This sense of camaraderie and connection fosters a unique and vibrant workplace that we are proud of. Words of wisdom Jaime lives by, “Show up every day, do your best, and be a team player!” These words of wisdom are a testament to the principles that Southland was built on and continues to uphold.

Outside of work, Jaime dedicates her time to her church. Indeed the strength of her Christian faith plays a significant role in her life and outlook. Jaime also enjoys the art of couponing, cherishes moments with her family, and passionately supports her favorite football teams, the New Orleans Saints and OU – “Boomer Sooner.”

Jaime Grisham’s journey at Southland is a testament to the values of dedication, collaboration, and personal growth that we hold dear. Her story inspires us all to be supportive team players and cultivate a sense of family within our workplace. We are proud to have Jaime as part of the Southland family, and we look forward to her continued success and contributions to our company’s growth.