John Wilson has been a valued member of the Southland family since October 2021. John is a key contributor to our Maintenance department, and his enthusiasm for supporting his colleagues and the company’s goals shines through in his daily work.

In his own words, John describes his role as not limited to maintenance alone. He’s always ready to lend a hand wherever needed, reflecting his commitment to the team’s success. This flexibility and dedication make John a valuable asset to our organization.

According to John, what sets Southland apart is the incredible camaraderie among the staff. From the owners to each and every employee, the warm and friendly atmosphere is something he truly values. It’s this sense of belonging and support that fuels his motivation to give his best each day.

John’s impact on the company and its goals is characterized by his unrelenting hard work and determination to show his gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of Southland. He believes his efforts are contributing positively to the company’s mission.

Within his team, John emphasizes a harmonious and collaborative environment. He describes the dynamics as everyone working well together and their collective dedication to ensuring all tasks are completed efficiently.

When he’s not at work, John enjoys unwinding by watching sports and spending quality time with his family. What might come as a surprise to his colleagues is his passion for art. John loves to draw and does so frequently in his spare time. He’s also an avid sneaker enthusiast, with an impressive collection of over 180 unique pairs of shoes.

In conclusion, John’s unwavering commitment, positive attitude, and passion for teamwork and personal interests make him a valuable member of the Southland family. We’re fortunate to have him as a part of our team, and his dedication exemplifies the spirit that makes Southland a unique and welcoming place to work.