“Southland Printing is pleased to announce that we are now certified with SkiData to print their entire ticket line.”

Located in Shreveport, LA, this endeavor makes Southland Printing the only company that produces the tickets in the United States. Founded by John Manno Sr, Southland Printing Company has been part of the parking industry since 1960 and ships to all 50 states and over 49 foreign countries. Printing tickets for over 40 different manufacturers both domestic and foreign assures you that Southland can provide the ticket you need. Only the highest quality raw materials are used, and each component undergoes rigorous testing in their R&D Lab before they are released to the market. Their shipping time is one of the best in the industry with a turnaround time of 20 business days after receipt of order or proof approval.

Dale Spoor, the Production Manager for Southland, worked relentlessly to assure Southland’s position to be certified. Due to his hard work and the rest of his team, this certification will allow many partnerships to come. During the initial stages, Dale ran many tests at Southland’s in-house R&D lab to cover all parameters. Doing so allowed Southland the essential knowledge and ability to move forward. Once testing was completed in Austria, SkiData presented Southland with the certifications. Now that the process is complete, Southland Printing looks forward to partnering with SkiData on future ventures.

Recently Southland Printing Company underwent a rebranding of its LOGO and the culture of the company with the direction coming from the second generation of management, John Manno, Jr. A Red Rose has been the company’s symbol almost since its founding. Red is a color that has always been associated with energy, strength and power and was the perfect symbol for Southland, signifying determination as well as passion. Red roses are given to those you have great respect for and that is why they always display a bouquet at the booth as well as pass out the embroidered roses to people who visit the booth. The rose has been stylized and if you look closely you can see the letters SP for Southland Printing. Looking closer you may even see a roll of paper unwinding symbolizing the many rolls of paper that are used to produce the millions of tickets run each day.

With some insight to what Southland represents and stands for, the SkiData certification creates another great partnership for years to come.

SKIDATA TK Unlimited – Southland Printing Certificate SKIDATA TKC Unlimited – Southland Printing Certificate