Many companies from around the world attend these trade shows to establish a presence, gain knowledge and exposure to new trends or products in the industry.  This also gives industry professionals a chance to meet new customers and build relationships that will potentially turn into new business.  This may occur during networking events, seminars, meetings, or right on the tradeshow floor.  With Regional Sales Account Managers strategically placed around the country, Southland believes this gives them a geographic convenience to its customer base.

“Throughout the year our Sales Team travels to numerous parking, ticketing, transit, and foreign related trade shows across the country.”

Each year we travel to 1-2 trade shows a month beginning in January. Then in April it really picks up and we are traveling to 3-7 events a month. We put a lot of effort and teamwork into each trade show that we attend. We are very thankful we have a strong team that realizes team effort and accountability are key in our organization. Each Regional Sales Account Manager attends trade shows and services our customers within their respective regions. Charles McHenry is Southland Printing’s Sales Manager who oversees the operation and handles the foreign market.  Charles has been with Southland for 14 years.   Jay Manno is the Vice President of New Market Development for Southland Printing.  He works with new trends and development within the industry.  He is also the grandson of the late John Manno Sr., founder of the company. 

 Rounding out the rest of the team, we have Tricia Rukstalis who is the Northern Regional Sales Account Manager.  Tricia is also on the Board of Directors for Women in Parking.  John Beehler is the Director of Business Development for the Northeast Region.  John has been within the parking industry and is a seasoned veteran.   Gary Flowers is the Southeast Regional Sales Account Manager.  Gary has been with Southland for 37 years of experience.   John Cordaro is the Southern Region and Events Account Manager.  John has secured many key accounts on the parking side and event side of the business.  

Southland Printing Company will be traveling to a city near you.  We can’t wait to see you!